For most Filipino's we often try our luck abroad for our families. It's the same for me as well, I don't have my own family yet but I do help out because my parents are no longer working and I still have two siblings who are still studying. Me and my sister are the ones supporting our family right now. She's n Singapore working as a nurse. OK. Enough with the drama, lets go back to the topic which is how to send money in the Philippines.


This was the first mode of sending money which I tried. It would require a  bit of your time since in China you can only send US dollars. So you would need to change your RMB (Chinese money) to dollars. You can change it at the black market or banks. I had mine changed in Bank of China. After your done with changing the money, you would now need to find a Western Union Branch, they are usually located inside China Postal Bank. The fee for sending money would be $15 for amount lesser than $500.


I got to know this method through a fellow Filipino in QQ (its the biggest social site in China). I'm the only Filipino working in my school, so there's no other Expats to ask advice from. What I did was open two accounts in Bank of China, so that's two separate ATM. One was for my savings and the other one was for my mother. I then mailed the ATM to my mother via EMS (courier service). If I remember it correctly I paid 130 RMB. My mom got the ATM after 25 days, such a long time right? EMS goes through our local post office in Philippines. I think now you understand why. Union pay is the logo that my mom needs to find and a lot of bank caters to union pay like BPI, China bank, HSBC and etc. The fee is 200 per withdrawal (I heard some bank charge 150 though I'm not sure what particular bank). Maximum withdrawal would be 10k per transaction for most banks. My friend said in HSBC you can withdraw 20k in a single transaction. So right now i just go to China bank deposit the money (free on charge) and my mom gets it instantly.

I know I did pay 130 RMB to send the ATM but if you would compare 200 pesos versus 645 ($15 x 43 - exchange rate) it would be bigger savings on the long run. Also its easier rather than go to two places bank of China (to exchange dollars) and the  Post bank of China -Western union (to send money)


I'll try to add more ways to send money.
Katrina Mae Borrel

how much will be the cost when opening a bank account?do you transfer it atm to atm?


sorry for the late reply. I know there is no maintaining balance for the account. 100 rmb in the card is ok.


A quick, best and cheapest way to Send money is via Remitly.
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