I got a lot of messages today asking how I was. The reason for that was because a strong earthquake hit Japan and the China. The intensity was 8.9 for Japan, it was so strong that it caused a tsunami. As of the moment, it has been reported that more than 1000 people probably died due to the earthquake and tsunami. As for the injured people, I wasn't able to read about it but I know there are still a lot of missing people. Here in China, the intensity was 5.4. Yunnan province was the one greatly affected with around 250 casualties and 25 deaths. I know, I'm lucky that I wasn't affected by the earthquake but I'm sad that a lot of people died and got injured.
    Lately, there has been a lot of earthquakes, tsunamis and other environmental disaster that killed a lot of people. If I'm not mistaken the latest was in New Zealand and around 65 people died. It makes me wonder why there are a lot of disasters happening right now. Is it a way of mother earth balancing the population or the rumors that the end is near. I honestly don't know what the reason behind those tragedies. I just hope that, no more lives would be taken.
    Those incidents taught me to value my life more. I know that I don't have any control with those natural disasters. It's scary but as a Catholic I do believe that I don't own this live. It's a borrowed gift that I should treasure and be thankful for.

    Let's pray for the victims and may their souls rest in peace.

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