I was in the hospital for two days because of severe diarrhea. I really didn't want to go to the hospital because hospitals here in China are quite different. I gave up and allowed my self to go to the hospital. I was already feverish, dehydrated and suffering from cramps.
I don't want to be rude but here in China, most hospitals have a problem with hygiene. Their lab coats and uniform looks like it haven't been washed for a week or more. I'm a licensed Nurse in my country but wasn't able to find a job, that's why I tried ESL teaching. I still remember how strict my school was if our uniform wasn't properly ironed, our hair should be in a bun with a hairnet, our uniform should be white and free from stains. I'm aware that in hospital settings, nurses no longer wear buns but you can still notice that there uniforms are clean and the hospital has a distinct smell of bleach.
The Doctors and Nurses in the hospital I was admitted to were nice but they were quite busy. My IV (Intravenous) fluid almost dried out which I didn't notice because I feel asleep. Luckily, the other patient's husband noticed it or else I would have suffered from air embolism which can be dangerous. The thing I like when I was hospitalized was the size of their needles for IV which is equivalent to 20-22 gauge. I appreciate that they use smaller needles because my veins are really small and I easily get bruises because I have low blood count.
My treatment consisted of IV fluids infused with Vitamins plus a drug which I forgot the name but judging from the name I think it has something to do with electrolytes replacement. They also gave me lactobacillus capsule which should be taken twice a day. They didn't prescribe me any anti-spasmodic and loperamide which I know is the most commonly used drug for diarrhea. I even showed the Chinese translation for those two drugs but no luck and I couldn't argue anymore since I was really weak that time and it doesn't help that their is a communication issue. I don't speak Chinese and they only knew a few words of English, I was just able to figure out the treatment course because they tried to show it to me through actions. Also for skin test, they do it on your wrist part which is quite different. Anyways, since they didn't prescribe me any medicine to stop the diarrhea, Is still suffered from it for an additional 2 days. My advice for teachers who want to work here in China, try to bring your own medicines.

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