Long hours of drive, nocturnal life and unlimited coffee was my world when I was working for American Based Company. The free coffee was a big part of my life since I had to battle against nature. Why? I was awake while the rest of my fellow men were sleeping. That's what you get if you're working in American company since we have 9-12 hours difference depending on the state. It was a good thing that DELL (The company i was working with) was kind enough to provide us with different flavors of coffee. There was the regular coffee, caramel coffee, and my favorite one toffee nut coffee. The work was hard but the pay was higher compared to other jobs in our country. Due to the economic crisis the DELL branch I was working with was to be leased to another company that I didn't like so I didn't accept the new company offer to hire me. DELL was generous and gave a really good severance package for those who did not accept the offer of DELL's buyer.

Thanks to DELL I was able to buy a high end laptop using the severance pay which became my major tool as an ESL tutor. I pampered my self and had a vacation. Visited some of the tourist spots here in our country. After Vacation I decide to look for a job that would be easier. I stumbled upon and decided to give it a shot. I got students and even private students. It was fun and fulfilling for me specially when i hear sincere thank you and appreciation from my student's. I also love the fact the I'm working at the comfort of my own home.

Enrich your vocabulary:

* Nocturnal - animal behavior characterized by being active during the night and sleeping during the day

* Economic crisis - unstable situation due to recessions, stock market crashes and etc

* Severance pay - pay and benefits an employee receives when they leave the company.

* Generous - Selflessness behavior

* Pampered - being luxurious; indulged to the full

* stumbled upon - came across

* ESL - English as a Second Language

* DELL - American Company that sells and customizes laptop, desktops, software and other Electronic gadgets. It is founded by Michael S. Dell who reclaim the CEO throne.

Teacher Claudz

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