When I came to China, I had a boyfriend for 5 years. I just shrugged off the jokes that we will breakup since 4 teachers here also broke up with their boyfriend. They labelled it as the curse of China. I was confident since we were together for such a long time and I thought that I will end up marrying him. I did not expect what happened next. First, Let me start when I first met him, I was just 20 years old and graduated from an all girls school. Actually all throughout my school years I studied in an exclusive school and I never regretted it. I met him at my first workplace during training though we did not become office mates since he did not make it until the last part of the training. At that time. there were a couple of guys who had expressed their interest on me but I was scared of them. They were a bit aggressive for me. To make the story short, he was the guy who had patience in me while I adjust to the opposite sex. It was a smooth and sailing relationship but I'm not saying that there were no fights. We had our share of arguments and misunderstandings.
Things began to change when I got accepted here to work in China. I accepted the opportunity because you will never know when it will knock on you door again. My ex-boyfriend was supportive and allowed me to pursue my teaching career. Everything was doing good, we communicated through QQ, skype, chikka messenger and other social networking sites. We made it through somehow but there was a fight that was the beginning of everything. It was when a girl was being sweet to him and he insisted that they were just friends. I asked him to avoid that girl because when I talked to the girl in a calm way on yahoo messenger. She did admit that she liked my boyfriend because he was sexy. 
That girl then broke up with her boyfriend and I don't know why but that's when I started noticing something fishy on twitter. The girl just bought a PSP and was playing "monster hunter", a game which my ex-boyfriend was addicted to. I also saw post like "pakisabi nalang na mahal ko sya di na baleng may mahal syang iba" (Please tell me him that I love him even if he loves someone else). Meanwhile my ex-boyfriend was always busy with work and stuff. I also got an email in Facebook from my boyfriend from the so called "girlfriend" saying she pities me because even if we were together for 5 years already, there he was cheating on me and even gave the password to his Facebook account as a sign that he was serious with her. That so called girlfriend didn't tell me her name though. I replied to her calmly and she on the other had was like not an educated girl. I did confront my ex-boyfriend and he denied it, saying it might be a hacker. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I also decided to go home during our summer holidays despite wanting to save money. I wanted to know if it was just the distance that was making our relationship unstable. Unfortunately just few days before my birthday which was also a few days before going home, he told me he can't pick me up at the airport because he has been dating that girl for almost four months already. He told me that he still loves me but like a sister he never had. I did bargain with him saying lets make it work and other stuff.Then I prayed to God and after that I wrote him a letter saying I take back all the bargaining and I wished him luck. Also that it was the risk I took when I accepted the job here. I never said anything bad to him nor to the girlfriend/hacker. At the back of my mind just what kind of girl did he fall in love with.
My heartbreak was really painful but I got a good gift afterwards. I was offered a new job and they were even nice enough to wait for me even if my contract ends at the middle of the semester. The job was better and much easier. Also, I still went home and with the help of my friends and family I began to love my self again because honestly I did thought that there was something wrong with me, like I was ugly or something. I dated 5 guys at the same time as a rebound but I was honest with them that I just broke up. They were understanding enough and there was a guy who pursued me even if I was back in China. I said yes to him when I was in China already. Now we have been together  for more than a year. I'm hoping against odds that this time will be better.

Nice story.. sad to say... I think it really is the curse of China.. i also teach In Shanghai.. with my wife.. and when we were there in Shanghai, my wife decided to end everything...
It's good that you have moved on, while it has been very difficult for me

iskobang Platitu

great warrior.


Thank you


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