The answer is very easy. English is an important aspect of our daily lives. WHY? English is a universal language (global language in case ,we are not the only creature who can speak.hehehehe.. im talking about aliens. I'm not sure if they do exist though) The world has changed. We no longer live in our country alone. There are tourist, immigrants, foreigner and etc in our country and the best way to communicate with them is by using English as a mode of communication.

In the world on IT (information technology) the common language used is English. Most website uses ENGLISH as their main Language. For business men you would have to learn English to expand your business to overseas. If you are a student you would have to learn English for your own bright future or, at least, pass the exam. As for employees you would have to learn English for the benefit of your career. Even if you are just a street walker you might still want to learn English to understand what's going since it would be nice to learn how the world is doing. Right?
No matter who you are, no matter where you are. Learning English is very important. You can't avoid it and do not avoid it before you get too far behind.

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